has moved to, so I’ve rewritten the old Songza Lucky Link Service for Snow Leopard to match. This new version of the service runs without dependencies, so it should work for any Snow Leopard setup right out of the box. It’s a bit silly, but what it does is take your selected text and run it as a query on, parse for the first result (if there are any), shorten that link and insert it after your selected text. A fast, easy way to punctuate your obscure music references in emails and on the web. Have fun, and join me in hoping for the Songza API to blossom into something we can really sink our scripts into!

To install, just download the file below, unzip it (double click), and move it into [your username]/Library/Services. To use it, select text in any Cocoa app (Safari, Mail, and most Mac apps) and look under the application menu in the menubar for the Services submenu. Trigger it from there, or just right click on your selected text and you should get the same services menu as a contextual menu item. If you’re feeling clever, go into the Keyboard preferences pane, choose Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services and double click the blank space to the right of the service to assign a hotkey. As long as that hotkey isn’t already assigned by the application your using, you can trigger the service with it any time you have text selected.

Songza Lucky Link Service v1.1

A Snow Leopard Service to generate a shortened url to the first result of a search for the selected text. The text will remain, but it will have the result in parenthesis after it. Uses a built-in html parser to scrape the results, at least until Songza provides an API.

Published 03/20/10.

Updated 03/20/10. Changelog

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