This is a very simple API for title casing a string of text (AP rules) which can be used in iOS workflows, Mac services and CLIs, and any tool that can get a response from a URL.

To use it, just point to http://brettterpstra.com/titlecase/ and pass a GET parameter called title containing the string to convert. Example:

curl 'http://brettterpstra.com/titlecase/?title=the%20string%20to%20titlecase'

The API returns nothing but the converted string, no decoding or JSON manipulation needed. You can play with it on the test page.


  • AP title casing
  • Preserves all-caps words
  • Ignores intercaps words (e.g. “OmniFocus”)
  • Fixes common Mac terms (e.g. “osx -> OS X”, may be expanded in the future)

The goal is to be a very simple tool for integration in other workflows, but if you have any requests you think would be valuable, let me know in the comments.

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