FYI, this project is listed as "retired." It may no longer function or I may just not be updating it anymore.

Search for and grab any iTunes or Mac App Store app icon


This app has been deprecated as, well, things have changed. There’s a new script that handles all of this functionality and more. See this post for details.


iTunesIcon is a small app that lets you easily search for and pull an icon from any App Store (Mac or iTunes) app.

It will offer a dialog where you can type in the name of the app or search terms and return the icon of the app as a PNG file on your desktop. For example, run it and type “Ulysses” and it will save Ulysses_icon.png to your desktop.

It saves the first result in iTunes search for your terms.

Syntax Options

Options can be included in the search terms using a character prefix.

App Store

You can define which App Store to search using a # keyword.

  • #mac searches the Mac App Store
  • #ipad searches the iTunes App Store for an iPad version
  • #iphone searches the iTunes App Store for an iPhone version

The # can be replaced by @, which is useful for some command line usage.

To expand the above example, you can search specifically for the Mac version of Ulysses with:

ulysses #mac


To choose a small (64px), medium (100px) or large (512px) icon, use a tilde (~) followed by “s”, “m”, or “l”. For example, to grab a medium size icon for the iPad version of OmniFocus, I would use:

omnifocus ~m #ipad

It will default to the largest size if you don’t specify.

Rounded corners with ImageMagick

For iOS icons (which are square in the source), iTunesIcon can add rounded edges automatically. This requires that ImageMagick be installed and the convert utility is available in /usr/local/bin/convert. If it’s not there, it just won’t do anything.

ImageMagick is available through Homebrew: brew install imagemagick

Source and extending

This gist contains the Ruby source code used within the Automator application. It will run as a CLI, accepting the search string as an argument, or can be integrated into an Alfred or LaunchBar action.


ItunesIcon v2.4

An application for quickly retrieving the high-res icon for any Mac or iOS apps.

Published 02/15/14.

Updated 09/01/21. Changelog

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