FYI, this project is listed as "retired." It may no longer function or I may just not be updating it anymore.

Don’t forget your forks

CodeReminder is a CLI to add a reminder and/or OmniFocus task so you don’t forget about that repo you cloned to play with later.


cremind [-r] [-t] [-n NOTE] [path]

    -r, --reminder                   Create a reminder
    -t, --task                       Create an OmniFocus task
    -n, --note NOTE                  Add a note
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

Both -r and -t options can be provided, if neither is given it will default to the default_type option (see Configuration).

If an existing path is provided at the end of the command, it will be used, otherwise, cremind will default to the current working directory.

The title of the task or reminder will always be the basename of the path, and the full path will be the first line of the attached note. If an additional (-n “NOTE”) flag is provided, “NOTE” will be appended.


  1. Copy the cremind script to a location in your $PATH.
  2. Make it executable with chmod a+x /path/to/cremind


Edit the configuration options at the top of the script.


Default: “Code Reminders”

The name of OmniFocus project to add tasks to. Project can be nested in folders. If a project with the specified name doesn’t exist, it will be created in the root of the OmniFocus document.


Default: “Code Reminders”

The name of the list to use. If it doesn’t exist, it will be created.


Default: “reminder”

If neither -r or -t options are provided, default to this type. The value should be a quoted string, either “reminder” or “task”.


CodeRemind source on GitHub

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