FYI, this project is listed as "retired." It may no longer function or I may just not be updating it anymore.

StackExchange, especially StackOverflow, is where I find answers to the vast majority of my coding questions these days. The problem is that I find myself searching for the same answer again later. If I bookmarked every answer I found, I’d have a mess of links. The solution for me is to keep nvALT notes in Markdown with the solution (see QuickQuestion).

Answered will work on any StackExchange page. You’ll see an orange tab at the top of your browser window. Hovering over that tab will let you decide whether the note will be returned in an overlay so you can copy it, or straight to nvALT.

Once loaded, you can click any answer on the page and it will be converted to Markdown (including comments and source links) and returned. Hold down shift when clicking to combine multiple answers, and use Command-Return to submit them for Markdown conversion.

If you’re using the overlay results, you’ll also see options for sending to Marked or nvALT. I’ll probably add more output options soon. Using this mode allows you to add notes and inline tags to the note before saving it. A single click on the overlay will select all the text, clicking again will let you edit.

Here’s a video that shows it in action.

YouTube Video


Just drag the link below to your bookmarks bar. Answered works in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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