The Things for Mac and iOS giveaway has ended, and I have winners to announce!

The winners!

Congratulations to:

  • Ada Panzier
  • Aaron Ferkenstad
  • Bart van der Pot
  • Daniel Doron
  • Nathan D Myers

You should have received an email with details, please let me know if you didn’t hear anything!

But I didn’t win!

If you didn’t win, sorry, but Things for Mac and iOS is still worth checking out. Things will help you get organized, and get your stuff done.

Next up is Bike. Check back every Monday through September, 2024 for more giveaways. The next giveaways include:

See the full list of upcoming giveaways!

If you want to suggest an app you’d like to see in this series, let me know on Twitter or Mastodon, and join the email list for notifications!