Thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring this week! I’ve been a user for years and it’s saved my hide many times. It’s so easy to set up, and just as importantly, easy to restore files whenever needed. Everybody should have a good cloud backup, and Backblaze is the best I’ve found.

Backblaze Computer Backup offers unlimited and automatic backup for individuals and businesses for just $9/month.

With Backblaze, you can back up documents, photos, music, movies, and more to the cloud. Available for both Macs and PCs, it’s easy and automatic—all you have to do is create an account and your files will start backing up. You can even back up external drives! Backblaze has over three exabytes of data under storage and has restored 55+ billion files for customers.

In the event of hardware failure, accidents, or ransomware, Backblaze offers multiple restore options—you can access your data from anywhere in the world with our web and mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can download files from the web or receive a USB hard drive with all your data shipped to your door. If you return the hard drive within 30 days, you get a full refund!

Protect business data and manage backups for your organization through a centrally-managed admin. Deploying Backblaze on thousands of workstations across your organization is easy!

We offer 30 days of Version History by default and one-year file retention for free so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting your data or keeping old file versions. For extra protection, you can upgrade to Forever Version History for just $0.006/GB per month.

Backblaze takes security seriously. All data is stored in our secure data centers with 24-hour staff, biometric security, and redundant power. Here are a few of our security measures:

  • You can use a private encryption key for additional security, ensuring only this key can unlock your backup.
  • Files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted.
  • Backblaze’s code is native to Mac and PC and doesn’t use Java.
  • Two-factor verification via ToTP and SMS is available for all Backblaze accounts.

Backblaze is recommended by The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, MacWorld, PCWorld, Lifewire, Wired, Tom’s Guide, 9to5Mac, and more. Recently listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under BLZE, Backblaze is committed more than ever to bringing easy and affordable data storage that you can trust.

Backblaze Computer Backup starts at $9/month. You can save $9 annually by signing up for an annual license, or save $27 when you sign up for a two year license.

Get started with a 15-day no credit card required free trial by going to