Thanks to SaneBox for sponsoring this week! Instead of a monthly sponsored post this month, the good folks at SaneBox have decided to join my giveaway series and offer 5 free 1-year subscriptions to SaneBox to readers. Just sign up below for a chance to win.

If you somehow haven’t heard of SaneBox yet, it’s a service that keeps your email inbox clean. You can train certain types of emails to go to your @SaneLater folder, or any custom folder, just by moving an email once. Future emails like it will automatically go to that folder. Forget setting up complicated filters and rules, a week of training and you’ll have a clean inbox that contains only the messages you actually need to see. I especially love the @SaneBlackHole feature which lets me banish certain senders to a, well, black hole, where their messages disappear and I don’t have to go through any hassle of unsubscribing or requesting data removal to stop the incoming messages.

Sign up below for a chance at one of 5 1-year subscriptions, a $299 value. Winners will be drawn next Wednesday, December 6th.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.