Thanks to Tower for sponsoring this week! I swear by this app, and anyone who uses Git for any part of their work or play should check it out.

Tower’s mission is simple: to make Git easy and enjoyable for everyone.

All the features of our native Git client have been carefully crafted with this specific goal in mind. Here are five examples:

  1. Undo any Git operation by simply pressing CMD+Z (or CTRL+Z on Windows). This convenient keystroke allows you to easily roll back any mistakes made.
  2. Use Drag and Drop to efficiently reorder commits, cherry-pick, merge/rebase branches, or create pull requests.
  3. Solve merge conflicts easily with Tower’s Merge Wizard, which provides clear context about the conflict.
  4. Review your repository’s branches with Tower’s “Branches Review” feature. This feature helps identify stale branches or those that have already been fully merged.
  5. Enable Syntax Coloring to quickly identify changes made in every diff. Tower supports almost 200 languages, making it easy to spot differences in code.

Some of the world’s best software teams use Tower every day - on both macOS and Windows.

Learn more about Tower and begin your 30-day free trial today! Use code TERPSTRA25 to get 25% off your first year. And if you are a student or teacher, you can get Tower Pro for free!