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Post-Twitter Diaspora Options
Some opinions on Mastodon and Bluesky. Personally I wish ill of Bluesky and have high hopes for Mastodon. But I’m certain it won’t pan out like that.
Brave Search No Longer Using Bing
A Michael Tsai two-fer this week.

Their own index, based on Tailcat, is working better than DuckDuckGo/Bing for me now. Hopefully, Apple will add built-in support to Safari. Worth testing out, even if Brave isn’t going to be my primary browser…

I’m still a die-hard CleanShot fan, but this little tool makes some gorgeous screenshots ready for social sharing, with tools for auto-balancing, changing backgrounds, and redacting email addresses and other text. Simple and beautiful.
A large collection of excellent royalty-free photos and audio tracks.
A ChatGPT LaunchBar action. Allows continuing conversation, predefined prompts, clipboard interaction, and can open results as a Markdown file ready for use.

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