Thanks to SaneBox for sponsoring again this week! I wanted to take the opportunity to offer a personal endorsement, and talk a little bit about how and why I’ve used SaneBox over the last decade.

First of all, if you still haven’t heard of SaneBox, it’s a service that works with any email provider to automatically determine what actually needs to be in your Inbox, and what can be read later, moving emails accordingly. That’s the simple version, anyway. It can also sort your email to separate newsletters, bulk emails, and spam. You can add custom filtering, as well as “blackhole” certain addresses, snooze emails, and automatically do some inbox cleaning. It’s very easy to use, but has some powerhouse features.

SaneBox starts working out of the gate, and you can start “training” it by simply moving emails from your Inbox to the @SaneLater folder using any email app on any platform. It just learns by watching how you use your email. Any similar emails in the future will automatically follow that first one.

Getting spam that persistently makes it past spam filters (ahem, political parties)? Just move it into @SaneBlackHole and never see it again.

I use a combination of SaneBox and Smart Mailboxes in MailMate and Spark to always have only the most important emails in front of me when I open my Inbox. SaneBox decides what’s “important,” and my Smart Mailboxes show only unread or flagged messages, or messages I’ve tagged “To Reply” and haven’t replied to. I have a @LATER folder that combines the content of several of my SaneBox folders for review at my leisure. Everything else gets hidden away, accessible only through search. It’s absolutely de-stressed email and helped me stay sane.

I highly recommend cleaning up your inbox today and keeping it that way forever with Sanebox. Sign up today and save $25 on any subscription!