Thanks to A Fine Start for sponsoring again this week! Embrace the hyperlink with a new tab page that focuses on what makes that web work!

Hyperlinks are awesome. The web wouldn’t even be a web without them. A Fine Start gives the almighty hyperlink the respect it deserves.

When you open a new browser tab, A Fine Start gives you a list of links that you control. You can add whatever links you want and group and sort them however you see fit.

But where are all the widgets and photos and inspirational quotes, you ask? Not here. Not in this new tab. This space is a pristine sanctuary for the textual hyperlink, unimpeded by the whims and tomfoolery of the “modern” web.

Open a new tab, get to your destination. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it feels right.

Chrome and Firefox users can get the extension. If your browser supports using a custom URL for new tabs — as Safari does — you can use the hosted version of the app.

Either way, it’s fast and effective. And it’s free. There’s an optional upgrade for convenient syncing between browsers — no password required — for just $5 a month.

Embrace the hyperlink. Get A Fine Start.