There used to be a defaults write trick that would allow you to select text in Quick Look previews, but Apple curtailed it back in 2015. Since then, dragging your cursor on any Quick Look plugin just moves the window. No selection possible, and thus no copy paste from the preview.

Enter Peek, an $8 macOS extension that brings back text selection in Quick Look, at least for source code and Markdown files (which it also syntax highlights and renders, respectively). Both of the latter features do have free alternatives, so the primary draw here is text selection. That, and having your syntax highlighting and Markdown rendering all in one plugin.

In addition to working in Finder, Peek includes support for HoudahSpot, Path Finder and Forklift.

While I have some guesses, I don’t know exactly how Peek is working this magic. All I know is that I’ve really missed text selection in Quick Look, and Peek has solved it. (I’ll also mention that I had some weirdness on my machine that ultimately had nothing to do with Peek, but the developer spent a good week helping me track down the problem. ★★★★★ Great support.)

I have 10 copies of Peek to give away to readers. Sign up below to enter the drawing. Winners receive a Mac App Store promo code for Peek, value $8 US. Ten winners will be picked at random on Friday, April 30th at 12PM Central.

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If you can’t wait to get your text selection back, check out Peek today.