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If you’re not keeping up with the latest in Bunch, there have a been more updates since my last post. I’d love to have as many beta testers as I can right now, so give it a shot!

Defining a Hyper Key in BetterTouchTool
BetterTouchTool can now create a Hyper Key without the need for Karabiner Elements. Since I define most of the shortcuts I use my Hyper Key for in BetterTouchTool, I’m excited about moving all of this functionality into one place.
Vitor Galvao wrote a great Ruby script for command line control of Do Not Disturb settings under Big Sur. It’s a lot more complicated than it was with previous OSs, so this is a pretty cool feat.
RCDefaultApps was a cool Mac utility for controlling what apps owned which filetypes and url handlers. It kind of faded away around macOS 10.12 (though some say it still works), but SwiftDefaultApps modernizes and revives it. Seems to be working well so far.
VSCode Notion
This is not for me. While I’m always impressed with VSCode, it hasn’t grabbed me yet, despite my Overtired co-host’s enthusiasm. And while I’m impressed with Notion, it’s not my thing either. But I know I have readers who like both of these things, so here you go.
2020 Mac Developers Survey: Key insights
The results of the MacPaw 2020 Mac Developer Survey are in, with some good insights into the state of the industry.
Apple in 2020: The Six Colors report card – Six Colors
Speaking of annual surveys, Jason Snell’s 2020 Apple report card is out, with input from a bunch of Apple bloggers and podcasters (and me).

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