I wrote back in November that Marked had an incompatibility with Big Sur that was causing the PDFs it generated to come out as raster images, rather than as vector-based text that would be scalable and selectable. I’m happy to report that Apple has fixed this issue on their end and it’s now 100% safe to use Marked 2 on Big Sur.

I’ve spent the last couple of months working on the massive rewrite that was required to incorporate Apple’s new WebKit version into Marked 2’s existing architecture. I’ll admit, it wasn’t going great. I’m ecstatic that Apple has fixed their bug and I don’t have to work around it right now. That said, the rewrite will continue as I work to avoid such issues in the future.

I first noticed the bug was fixed on the Developer Beta 2 of Big Sur. I had a couple of people test on the current public release and it seems the fix is already available to everyone. As long as you’re on the current release of Big Sur, Marked 2 is good to go.

Thanks everyone for your patience on this. To celebrate I’m running a little 10%-off sale. Just use the coupon code ILOVEMARKDOWN (or click here to apply it automatically). It’s good until March 1st, feel free to share it with someone you care about!

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