I’m not going to talk much about me and my beliefs here. Suffice to say I’ve been a supporter of prison and police abolition since my 20s and I’m excited to have these concepts showing up in the mainstream. Or at least the left side of the mainstream.

I live well outside of any metro area these days, so my support of the protesters is mostly through donations and doing my best to amplify voices who are an active part of bringing about long-overdue change.

To that end, I wanted to share a few social media accounts I’ve found helpful in following the Black Lives Matter protests, in-person and unvarnished by media. Mostly photographers, a few activists, and by no means a comprehensive list — but a good start for a first-person view.

Unicorn Riot
Commercial-free, viewer supported, independent media & live video streams. — Minneapolis
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Rachel Cargle
Curious Soul. Writer. Lecturer. Public Academic. New Yorker. — NYC
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Dee Dwyer
Visual Voice for the People, Photographer — D.C.
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Tony Mobley
Documenting the Culture, exposure is ๐Ÿ”‘ Contributor to @everydayblackamerica — D.C.
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Michael Noble Jr.
Harlem based photojournalist — NYC
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Demetrius Freeman
Photojournalist, Visual Storyteller, NYT contributor — NYC
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Devin Allen
Photographer — Baltimore
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Chris Facey
Documentary, Street and Lifestyle Photographer. — NYC
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Charlene Carruthers
Author: Unapologetic: A Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements.
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Patrisse Cullors-Brignac
Artist. Organizer. Freedom Fighter. Co-Author of New York Times Bestseller โ€˜When They Call You a Terrorist.โ€™
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This is a very short list. If you have some to add, please share in the comments or via Twitter (replies linking this post will be included below automatically).