Thanks to Tower for sponsoring again this week! As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of Tower for managing my git repositories and workflows, and the latest features are welcome indeed!

Even the best developers make mistakes. And if you are using Git, you know that undoing mistakes often requires a series of complex commands on the command line.

With the release of Tower 4, the popular Git client takes away this complexity by allowing you to use the well-known keyboard shortcut “CMD+Z” in almost any situation. Deleting branches and files, staging changes, rebasing and merging branches, publishing a branch on a remote — all these scenarios can now be undone with a single shortcut. This will not only speed up your workflow, it will give you peace of mind. Mistakes happen. Now they can be fixed just as quickly.

Undo is just one of the many awesome new features that the Tower team has shipped since version 3 came out. From Dark Mode to GPG support, Image Diffing, and User Profiles, Tower is becoming more powerful with each new release.

Learn more about the latest Tower features and take the new version for a spin!

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And if you are a student or teacher, you even get Tower Pro for free!