Thanks to VirtualHostX Pro for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using VirtualHostX for what must be a decade now, and this latest version has some downright amazing capabilities for any web developer.

Since 2007, VirtualHostX has helped over 50,000 web developers and designers build and test their websites locally on macOS. Rather than making changes to your live website or spinning up a separate development server in the cloud, VHX lets you create as many websites as you want on your Mac. You can even install WordPress in less than 30 seconds.

VirtualHostX comes with batteries included - that means the latest versions of PHP and MySQL are automatically ready for you to use. And VHX scales from web designers who just want a point-and-click way to setup a new website to hardcore web developers who love to customize and tweak every available setting.

And because your VirtualHostX settings are self-contained using a real Ubuntu Linux virtual machine under the hood, you can be sure that Apple’s latest macOS software updates won’t break your websites.

But the best part about VirtualHostX? It’s me, Tyler. I’ve been running my one-person Mac software company for twelve years, and I take great pride in offering amazing customer service. If you need help getting started or ever run into any bugs or have a random question, I’m in your corner, happy to help, and reply lightning-fast. Just call, text, or email me and I’ll be happy to talk your ear off about why VHX is the best and easiest way to develop websites on macOS.

Get started with better local web development today: check out VirtualHostX Pro.