If you get into the kind of automation I offer on this blog, or maybe wish you did if it weren’t for all the coding, then Shortcuts on iOS is either on your radar or should be. And David Sparks has just the thing.

Released today, the latest MacSparky Field Guide is Shortcuts, the iOS 13 edition. Apple has dedicated more resources to automation on iOS than they have for a long time on macOS, and Shortcuts offers a way to harness the power without having to write a single line of code.

The course includes 6 hours+ of video training and 107 separate videos. Learn to build simple apps, automate your meetings, do things like have your iPad enter “focus mode” when you connect to coffeehouse wifi or send an automated message when you’re running late with an accurate ETA.

The MacSparky Shortcuts Field Guide costs $29 US, but for a limited time you can use the code LAUNCHSHORTCUTS to bring the price down to $24. Check it out!