I saw a great response to my post about MacSparky’s Keyboard Maestro Field Guide, and David was kind enough to provide some promo codes for a giveaway. If you haven’t checked it out, it contains everything you need to know to get started and dive deep with the Mac automation utility Keyboard Maestro.

I recently switched my hosting for this site, and as a result I had to rewrite the Killotron Giveaway Robot. I can’t easily run CouchDB on Dreamhost, so the whole thing is now backed by Firebase (no, I don’t want to work with mySQL, actually). So this is the first public run of the new setup, and if there are complications I’ll be immediately pulling this post and trying again after some fixes. But I think it’s working.

I have 5 copies of the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide to give away. Add your name and email below to enter the drawing. Winners will be randomly selected on July 15 at noon CST.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.