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There are plenty of good reasons to do open source for free
A look at the reasons why developers choose to open source their projects. Unlike design, this isn’t spec work. My favorite argument here is that creating open source software is a way of paying for all the open source software that got you to where you are. Seems legit to me…
Three Reasons Why the “Nothing to Hide” Argument is Flawed
A great post in response to the “Why should I care? I have nothing to hide” argument that comes up when discussing digital privacy.
Espresso — The Web Editor for Mac
I somehow missed that Espresso was back. This used to be my favorite editor for HTML/CSS, and the new features are downright amazing. If you’re looking for a dedicated editor for web development, check this out. It’s not cheap ($79US right now), but worth it, in my opinion after trying it out for a few days. And for those on Setapp, you already have it!
Mentioning Espresso makes me want to also mention CodeKit. CodeKit, as its tagline states, is “THE Mac App for Web Developers”. Basically a GUI for everything from minification and optimization to JavaScript linting and transpiling, as well as a fully-fledged “LiveReload” style server for seeing changes live in your web browser as you work in your preferred editor.
generative-music/generative.fm: A platform for playing generative music in the browser.
A node-based platform for playing generative music in your browser. See it in action at Generative.fm.

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