Working with multi-file documents in Marked 2

Hey, I made a new video for Marked 2. It covers multi-file documents created with Marked 2’s syntax, MultiMarkdown and iA Writer syntaxes, or Leanpub and GitBook formats. This one doesn’t go into Scrivener and Ulysses capabilities, but those are pretty straightforward to begin with (just drop a Scrivener file on it or use Ulysses ⌘6 preview).

It also covers the special tools Marked provides for working with multi-file documents, including its ability to tell you which included file you’re currently viewing, and edit just the part of the document you need to.

Lastly, I cover bookmarking points in the document, navigating with the minimap, and the auto-scroll feature.

I don’t know if you knew this, but Marked has a LOT of tricks up its sleeve. If you haven’t tried it, you can grab a free demo. If you’re already a user, I hope this sheds some light on features you might not already be using!

YouTube Video
Brett Terpstra

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