An update to PopMaker extension generator for PopClip

Back in 2014 I created a little app that generates custom PopClip extensions. It broke on 10.13, so I’m updating it for the latest OS.

PopMaker was created in response to the number of requests I got for what were essentially the same extension. Either one to surround text with custom prefix/suffix, or to create a custom search extension to send the selected text to a search engine or a local url handler (Evernote, nvALT, etc.).

The new version still only creates search and text surround extensions. I started working on a whole system for custom script extensions, but ultimately it was too much effort that needed to go elsewhere. If you know enough about coding to write a custom script, you can probably figure out the rest.

I added a project page with details. See below for the updated download.

PopMaker v0.3

A Mac application for generating customizable PopClip extensions

Published 05/12/14.

Updated 10/21/18. Changelog

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