To help promote 60 Mac Tips: Volume 2, I’m running a giveaway. Six winners (drawn by KILLOTRON Giveaway Robot X1) will get both volume one and volume two, in both the iBooks version and the Vimeo streaming versions.

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, 60 Mac Tips: Volume 2 is the second (obviously, because it’s brilliantly titled to ensure clarity) installment of “60 Tips” in the MacSparky Field Guide series. The first one came out a few years ago, and it’s been updated as well. Tips that didn’t work anymore have been replaced, and tips that changed have been updated. So that’s 120 Mac tips from a couple of pros2.

Both the iBooks and Vimeo versions have the exact same tips, but the streaming version is a bit more universal, given you can access it from any device. I mean, there are Mac users with Android phones, (I’m told). If you can’t get the iBooks version in your country, or just prefer to save a few gigs in your iCloud storage, you have options.

In return for this amazing opportunity to win an $80 bundle of 120 tips and almost four hours of video, I ask only that you share this post far and wide. Sure, it will statistically lower your chances of winning a random drawing, but c’mon.3 Here’s a link to make it easy:

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The drawing will occur on Monday, October 9th, 2017 at 12:00pm CST. Winners will receive 60 Mac Tips Volumes 1 & 2, in both iBooks and streaming/download format (Vimeo), an $80US value. All you need to do is enter is your name and email, one entry per person, duplicate entries automatically deleted. I promise, as always, your email is never used for anything other than notifying the winners, and the database is cleared after every giveaway. One entry per person, winners will be notified automatically.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

Don’t forget to share. Please and thank you!

  1. He got an upgrade this year. Facial recognition or something. 

  2. I’m going to just go ahead and call myself that. Forgive my lack of Minnesotan humility. 

  3. It also doesn’t increase your chances of winning, because I hate that. No “share to enter” crap.