Apparent Software just released a LaunchBar action for Trickster (along with a Trickster update) that allows for perfect integration of Trickster’s file tracking and filtering capabilities with my favorite launcher app.

I first mentioned Trickster—an app that tracks and filters recently-opened files—a couple of years ago, and it’s continued to evolve since. Trickster 2.1 added quite a few features for automation, and the latest version (2.3.4) integrates with LaunchBar 6’s latest features to take advantage of them, so this is a great combo.

The Action lets you list, filter, and act on Trickster’s tracked files from LaunchBar, as well as send a file from LaunchBar to Trickster.

It’s kind of a footnote on the announcement post, but the Instant Send integration is an excellent feature. Since Trickster is fully keyboard-navigable, you can select any file and then tap your LaunchBar Instant Send shortcut to perform any action that LaunchBar has available.

Check out the Action on the Apparent Blog. If you’re an Alfred user, there’s an Alfred Workflow for you, too.