MindNode 2.0 for Mac is out today. It’s being sold as a new app with an intro price of $19.99 US. That will go up to $29.99 after the intro sale.

The new features include the ability to attach extended notes to topics, “Stickers” to differentiate and mark nodes, and an outline view like the iOS version has. It can also import Mindjet MindManager files, which I’m very happy to see. There’s a lot in there, and I wrote it up in more detail on MacStories.

A little bit ago, iThoughtsX added support for Marked 2 live preview, which I’ve been loving. MindNode has adjusted their file format with this release, also allowing Marked 2 to preview your mind map as a rendered Markdown file on every save. Use File -> Advanced -> Open in Marked (or ⌘⇧M) to open the current map. The next update to Marked will allow opening MindNode files directly and the “Open in Editor” command will automatically send it back to MindNode. This kind of integration is great to see, and makes mind mapping an even more viable tool for writers of all ilk.

Check out MindNode 2.0 on the Mac App Store.