MacPaw (makers of CleanMyMac 3, Encrypto, Listen for iOS, and more) has been developing a platform for Mac OS app development and distribution for a while. It started as an internal project for use with CleanMyMac, but is available today as DevMate, a tool for all Mac developers and vendors.

Some of my favorite devs have been involved in early testing, including Realmac, Smile, and Digi DNA. I’ve explored the beta platform myself, and it looks like an excellent and fully polished product.

A single SDK offers licensing/activation (via Fastspring), crash report and feedback collection, and update delivery. It also offers a complete set of analytics and data collection tools.

Along with Paddle, these all-in-one platforms have made app releases and app distribution (with tools for MAS and direct sales) easier than ever before. It’s a good time to be writing Mac apps. Whether you’re a seasoned developer already marketing or someone just looking into a first release, DevMate is worth taking a look at.