VOX developer Coppertino released VOX for iOS yesterday, and it continues their tradition of amazing and beautiful software. I love VOX for Mac (previous review), and this new iPhone companion is a perfect complement.

With full support for Soundcloud and iTunes, as well as custom VOX playlists, it’s a great central music player. VOX’s ability to play every file format you can imagine means you can use higher quality audio than with other players (or even iTunes). The idea of a “playlist” in VOX has evolved into “Collections,” which allow you to build your playlist from multiple sources. You can pull together your favorite Soundcloud tracks, your own FLAC files, and your iTunes music in one list.

There’s also LOOP, an entirely new way to store your music in the cloud. It’s directly integrated into the VOX players, so music you upload from VOX on your Mac is immediately available on your iPhone, ready to hit the road. The Mac App Store version of VOX hasn’t received this update yet, but the version you can download from Coppertino is ready to go.

I love the gesture support in VOX iOS, and I’ve always wondered why the default iTunes player in iOS doesn’t have it figured out. It’s all simple and intuitive: swipe up and down to open menus, left and right to change tracks, tap to play/pause.

Coppertino has always impressed me with their ability to make beautiful, unconventional interfaces that behave exactly the way you’d expect. Stunning looks with intuitive behavior. Check out VOX iOS on the App Store, and find more info about VOX for Mac at the Coppertino website.