The Lab v2 t-shirt, round 2

I’ve had a few requests from people who missed the first (limited) run of The Lab v2 t-shirts. I think there’s enough interest to do a small run, so if you missed out the first time around, now’s your chance.

I did get a chance to upload slightly modified artwork for this run. The last run had a tiny white border around all of the edges that I didn’t like, so that’s been cleaned up.

Every t-shirt purchased is a donation to support this site, but in addition to feeling good about keeping me alive, you get a shirt. Everybody wins. Tank top and women’s versions and sizes available. Take a look!

Brett Terpstra

Brett is a writer and developer living in Minnesota, USA. You can follow him as ttscoff on Twitter, GitHub, and Mastodon. Keep up with this blog by subscribing in your favorite news reader.

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