Thanks to Differential for sponsoring this week.

Get Your MVP Launched with Differential.

Differential helps entrepreneurs turn great ideas into great companies. We partner with entrepreneurs to help launch their MVP’s quickly, often in just weeks. Start building traction, testing assumptions, receiving feedback, and validating your business model as early as possible and give yourself a higher likelihood of long-term success.

Why Differential?

We work hard to get an MVP out in a few weeks rather than several months. But, equally important, we build quality apps (because MVPs should be half products, not half-assed).

How is it possible to launch quality apps so quickly? We build our apps using a (not-so) secret weapon: Meteor.

We were one of the first development teams to adopt Meteor as our primary framework, and since we’ve gone “all in” with Meteor, we’re on our way to becoming Meteor experts. We’ve also taken a leadership role in evangelizing & growing the framework. Some of the ways we’re regularly contributing:

Why Meteor?

We’ve promoted Meteor hundreds of times in a hundred different ways, but the short answer is this: Meteor is faster than any other framework we have used, and developers & designers love working in it. If that answer doesn’t satisfy you, we offer lots of resources and opinions here.

Whether you have an idea, want to learn more about Differential, or just want to talk Meteor, contact us - we’d love to hear from you.