I’m excited to have OmniFocus 2 for Mac as this week’s sponsor. Hot off the press, the new version has a lot to offer!

OmniFocus 2 is easier to use than ever. All of the features, palettes and interface have been redesigned, and not just to look better. Entering tasks, notes, and details like contexts, “defer dates” and recurring tasks is more intuitive than ever.

What’s more, OmniFocus 2 is even cheaper than ever. The “advanced” features that have previously only made new users feel uncomfortable with settling in have been moved out to OmniFocus 2 Pro. This includes Custom Perspectives, Focus mode and advanced scripting support, leaving all the rest of the power of OmniFocus 2 in the standard package at a lower entry price.

If you’ve ever used OmniFocus on the iPad, you’re familiar with the “Forecast” view, which shows you all of your upcoming due dates combined with calendar events and more. It’s extremely useful, and one of the primary reasons that I’ve always reviewed my tasks on my iPad instead of my desktop. Well, it’s on my desktop now, and it’s awesome.

Reviewing in general is slicker, too, and I can flip through my projects, update tasks and catch “blocks” in my workflow quickly and easily.

OmniFocus 2 is available for $39.99, or you can get a Pro License for $79.99 to add the more advanced features.

If you’re looking for some help getting started, Omni provides “Support Short” videos shot just for OmniFocus 2’s new interface. There’s also a whole new website called Inside OmniFocus to collect helpful information on workflows, systems, tools, and services that all work with OmniFocus. Check out OmniFocus 2 for yourself!