Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: Backblaze (Apr 24th)
Thanks to Backblaze for their gracious support of this week. If you’re not running offsite backups, you’re taking a big risk. Check out Backblaze for $5/month!
Thinking in the shell (Apr 24th)
Some ideas for extrapolating the semantic philosophy of my recent doing project.
My favorite Xcode plugins (Apr 28th)
A collection of the most awesome Xcode plugins I’ve found recently.
Systematic 94 with David Chartier (Apr 29th)
This was a great episode, and David is worth getting to know.
Bitlyize link shortening OS X Service (Apr 30th)
An OS X service for shortening links, including the ability to shorten all links found in a selected block of text.

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