I’m excited to have my favorite Markdown editor on the Mac, MultiMarkdown Composer, as this week’s sponsor.

MultiMarkdown Composer is a text editor for the Mac that’s designed from the ground up around the MultiMarkdown syntax which makes writing and creating beautiful documents easy. It features:

  • Smart editing to automatically format your document as you type. It marks up lists, headers, tables, character pairs, and more
  • Live syntax-highlighting with user configurable themes (including several from myself)
  • Live HTML preview with actual synchronized scrolling so that the editor and preview both show the same part of your document while you’re working
  • Support for CriticMarkup to track changes, compare different versions of a document, and collaborate with others
  • Elastic tabstop support so your text is aligned the way you expect it to be, including tables
  • A Table of Contents panel that helps you navigate and reorganize your document with ease. You can actually drag headers around in the panel and it moves the sections of your document!
  • A References panel shows you labels for footnotes, citations, tables, etc., so you don’t have to remember each in order to link to them
  • Export to HTML, PDF, LaTeX, RTF/RTFD (with some limitations), Flat OpenDocument files, Microsoft Word (with some limitations), ePub, OPML
  • Understands Github-style fenced code blocks and YAML headers
  • Much, much more…

MultiMarkdown Composer is developed by Fletcher T. Penney — the developer of MultiMarkdown — and uses the same codebase to ensure accuracy. MultiMarkdown is backwards compatible with the original Markdown.

Learn more about MultiMarkdown Composer at multimarkdown.com!