Version 0.2.5 is a big update to my doing project. It’s so huge that I’m overwhelmed at the prospect of explaining it all. The project page is updated with all of the new commands and features, and you can run doing help or doing help [command] to get more information on flags, switches and arguments. You can also see a summary of all the new features in the changelog.

The biggest new features are HTML output, additional viewing commands (like yesterday for stand-up meetings) and new tagging, archiving and time tracking features. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed pull requests on GitHub (like the yesterday command). You’re all awesome.

I plan to do a few posts on what you can do with the latest version:

  • Time tracking and getting totals for various projects based on tags
  • Outputting stats and data to CSV files and web pages
  • Colorizing and customizing output for a prettier command line experience

I’m taking a break from this project for a while now, though. I have things I need to actually be doing, if you know what I mean.

Install the latest release with gem install doing and let me know how it goes using GitHub issues. See the project page for details.