I turned yesterday’s simple “Total Numbers” service into a PopClip extension. Just select some text and all of the numbers in it are added up (with consideration for negative numbers). The result is shown in a popup and copied to the clipboard.

This version handles edge cases in number formatting a bit better, and is configurable for various locales.

The extension has options for setting the separator (like the comma in 1,000), the decimal delimiter (period in US, sometimes a comma elsewhere) and whether or not you want the output formatted with the separator for large numbers. You’ll see the options when you install the extension, and you can get back to them by clicking the pencil icon in the PopClip menu to enter edit mode, then clicking the gear next to the Sum extension.

Note that numbers can be anywhere in the text. They don’t have to be in a list or a table to work. They can also have currency symbols touching on either side and still be totaled up.

YouTube Video

The extension is part of the “Brett’s PopClip Extensions” bundle. Just download it and double-click any extensions to install them. This one is called “Sum.” The source code for all my PopClip extensions is on GitHub.

Brett's PopClip Extensions v1.45.2

A few PopClip extensions for Markdown writing and other useful tools

Published 11/30/14.

Updated 02/07/23. Changelog

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