Sorry, the recap is a day late this week. I know you’ll survive, but I’m apologizing anyway.

Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: TextExpander (Mar 13th)
Big thanks to TextExpander and Smile for their continued support. If you’re not already using TextExpander, I think you’re crazy.
A Notehub CLI (Mar 14th)
If you work on the command line, Notehub may be a great solution for sharing Markdown documents. This tool will make it easy.
Scatterbrains 3: a new tool for doing (Mar 16th)
This was something I worked on for three days to scratch my own itch. I didn’t think anyone would care, but I posted it (as is my modus operandi). It’s now had over 22,000 views. I think it struck a chord. Also see the followup posts and check the project page for more info on the latest features.
The atomic solution for Keep In Dock on Mavericks (Mar 17th)
My apps kept disappearing from the Dock when I quit, no matter how many times I told Mavericks otherwise. Fixed.
Quick Tip: manual autocorrect on OS X (Mar 18th)
Quick tip for keyboard nuts who don’t normally use autocorrection on the Mac.

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