I’d like to thank MnmlRdr for sponsoring BrettTerpstra.com this week. I’ve been using the service for a while, and I’m pleased to tell you about it!

MnmlRdr is a “minimal” feed reader. That’s not to say it’s not as powerful as any other RSS service, it’s just not cluttered with anything you don’t need. It has subscription folders, feed management and full Fever API support, but doesn’t weigh you down with any features you won’t use.

It works with Fiery, Reeder and any other Fever-compatible client. I’m using it with ReadKit with great results. The website itself is responsive, with gesture support, so it can function across all of your devices even if you don’t have a dedicated app.

MnmlRdr is private, secure and ad free. BrettTerpstra.com readers can sign up for a special promo (4 months free, $24 for a year subscription) at mnmlrdr.com/promo/brettterpstra.

Thanks again to MnmlRdr!