I wrote up the Vox 1.0 release for TUAW a little while back. It seems like it’s only been a few months (it’s been 6), but Vox 2.0 is already here. I love this powerful little music controller and have been using it as my main (non-Spotify/Simplify) player.

The interface, which was already great in 1.0, has been re-thought and tweaked. It’s still a gorgeous, compact controller with cool features like scroll-controlled volume and seeking, but it’s even prettier and more intuitive now. I also enjoy the way it displays album art; once a track starts playing, the cover art will fade in as the background for the player controls. It stays faded, and it creates a great effect.

It also has improved search for all listing sources, which makes its speedy interface even better. You can configure multiple output devices, and control what channels go to what outputs on any device. As before, it has a flawless AirPlay implementation that makes sending music to my desktop Mac mini’s 5-channel speaker system a breeze (with Airfoil Speakers).

There are also playback improvements, such as gapless playback and cross-fading, as well as new playlist formats for exporting PLS and M3U files. Some bug fixes for Radio, the Services implementation and stability at high loads round out a great release.

By the way, if you use Growl, be sure to set up VoxGrowl for very nice desktop notifications on track changes.

Check out Vox 2.0 for free on the App Store!