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A special “Mavericks Day 1” edition, consisting of a few tricks and pitfalls I’ve discovered now that I’ve put Mavericks on my main work machine.

Mavericks: The Review
Helluva writeup on Mavericks from Stephen Hackett.
Mail in Mavericks Changes the Gmail Equation
Important information if you ever got your GMail account functioning “just perfect” in Mail.app. You’ll need to make some changes.
Hazel 3.2 Release Notes
Hazel 3.2 is out and includes actions for Mavericks tags, among other enhancements.
Code Signing and Mavericks
This post from Craig Hockenberry saved me a ton of trouble today. If you’re writing Mac Apps, you’ll probably want this sooner than later.
OS X Mavericks video tip: Using Automator and Speakable Items to control your Mac by voice
Awesome super double plus good fun times (which I’m going to assign as a keyword for something).
The AppleScript “display notification” Command
I wish this had more options for replacing, removing and adding click urls. I’ll keep using Growl for now.

Some random notes

One “trick” I noticed last night: if you pull back in the middle of a 4-finger pinch-out when showing your Desktop, you can “scratch” the window animations. It works for Launchpad, too, which is even less useful.

Mavericks tags are turning out to be fun, as I’d hoped. I used my Pinboard/OpenMeta script and a handy OpenMeta → Mavericks script to put Mavericks tags on my entire Pinboard collection, just to do some mass experimenting. Worked perfectly.

And one extra link, because it was hanging around:

Mohiomap - A Visual Memory for Evernote
Interesting mind map visualization of Evernote notebooks. Useful? Unsure.

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