Update: Of course, as usual, I did this without checking to see if there was already a PopClip extension for CriticMarkup. I haven’t tried the one that comes with the download, so I can’t say if mine adds anything worthwhile or not. If you have input, let me know.

Ever since creating the Too Many Wrappers extension for PopClip, I’ve primarily been using it to wrap <mark>, <ins> and <del> tags when editing in HTML and Markdown. I decided I should just make that it’s own extension, and put together a CriticMarkup extension while I was at it.

These make adding “editor’s marks” to Markdown documents as easy as selecting the text to highlight, insert or delete and clicking a button. In the case of CriticMarkup, holding down Control and Option inserts the necessary markup for signifying a suggested change. All CriticMarkup commands include an optional comment with your signature or initials, set in the preferences for the extension.

The extensions are now part of the pack, and the source is available on GitHub.


The different marks are all contained in one extension and triggered by holding down various modifier keys. I really wanted to use “Shift” in a few places (insertions), but have found that key problematic in my extensions. So think of Control as Shift in these for a slightly more mnemonically-sensible set of bindings.

In the extension’s preferences, there’s a toggle for datetime. If it’s left turned on, <ins> and <del> tags will include a datetime attribute for the current time. Just a little microdata that comes in handy when reviewing.

  • No modifier (just a click): <mark> (highlight)
  • Control: <ins [datetime]></ins> (insertion)
  • Command: <del [datetime]></del> (deletion)
  • Option: <!-- --> (comment)


This extension allows the quick insertion of CriticMarkup syntax, a means for collaborative editing using plain text markup. Optionally fill in a signature or initials to have a comment included after every insert, deletion or change signifying who made the edit.

  • No modifier (just click): Highlight
  • Command: Deletion
  • Control: Insertion
  • Control-Option: Change
  • Option: Comment


Brett's PopClip Extensions v1.45.2

A few PopClip extensions for Markdown writing and other useful tools

Published 11/30/14.

Updated 02/07/23. Changelog

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