New Lab t-shirt styles. You’re welcome, ladies.

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I’m happy to announce that the t-shirt campaign hit its goal on the first day. Thanks to everybody who helped make that possible!

To celebrate (and thanks to a tip from Joe Workman), I’ve added four new options to the campaign:

  • Men’s American Apparel crew in Royal Blue
  • Ladies American Apparel crew in Black
  • Ladies American Apparel crew in Royal Blue
  • Ladies Bella Relaxed Fit crew in Black

The original is still available, of course. If I’d known it was possible to add more options (you have to send a special request to TeeSpring), I would have started the campaign with all the options. Hopefully people who bought the black men’s crew are ok with their order!

Thanks again, your support means a lot to me. Learn more about the new styles on TeeSpring.