The ZenDock kickstarter campaign has made quite a splash around the big Mac news sites. I was feeling a little left out, as it was designed for MacBook Pros and I had just shipped my last one off to my brother and moved everything to a 13” Air. Then, in the last 48 hours of the campaign, ZenBoxx announced a little brother to the ZenDock: ZenDock Air.

It’s available for both 11 and 13-inch MacBook Airs, and there are versions available for both types of Magsafe connectors. While not as capable as the Retina MacBook Pro version, they are suitably slimmed down for the MacBook Air.You can connect speakers — with both optical and standard hookups — a mic, your power adapter, Ethernet (adapter included), and three more USB devices with a simple docking connector that attaches at the power port/USB section.

It doesn’t use the Thunderbolt port available on newer Airs, which is understandable (it’s on the other side of the computer). However, it handles 90% of what you need plugged in to your Mac when you’re at your desktop, and keeps cable clutter down and hookup time low. The actual connectors are mountable under the desk, so it really does look like a good solution to desktop clutter.

I’m looking forward to trying one out as soon as I can. There’s still time to pledge, and you can check out details at their Kickstarter campaign.