I’m among the many who are discontent with the latest version of Skitch. I’ve reverted back to the previous version and have been using it happily, but there’s a new alternative.

Glui ($2.99 US introductory price) provides screen, window and crosshair snapping (with keyboard shortcuts available), basic annotation and easy sharing via Dropbox with short urls. URLs for shared snapshots are automatically placed in your clipboard. You can also hold down the Option key to be able to drag the image anywhere you want to put it (or directly to Acorn for further editing). I’m also using this with Droplr to share screenshots via my custom ckyp.us1 domain. I just hold Option, drag it to my Droplr menu bar item and paste the resulting URL on my clipboard into chat or a Tweet.

Glui is currently lacking the ability to change the color of annotations, and to output any format other than PNG. For most of my purposes that’s fine. If I want multiple types of annotations, I’m probably using Clarify, and if it’s headed to my blog I’m running image conversion and optimization via Dropzone destinations anyway. For fast sharing, Glui is a perfect option and a great alternative to Skitch.

Get Glui on the App Store.

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