Macworld 2013

Well, I’m in San Francisco for Macworld 2013. My first few days here are going to be consumed with planning a redesign for AOL Tech and doing some heads-down coding. If you’re around, though, ping me and I’ll see if I have time for coffee/beer/dinner/whatever. I’m looking forward to meeting some people!

I’m planning to skip doing Systematic this week, but I did bring a microphone with me. If I run into some interesting people who have a few minutes, I may put together a “collage” show. To be determined and it definitely won’t be released on my usual Tuesday schedule. The following week, though, I have John August booked (a great screenwriter). That’s going to be a great conversation!

On Thursday I’m going to be doing a Macworld panel on workflows with David Sparks, Katie Floyd and Jeff Taekman. It should be a nerdy fun time talking about our favorite ways of getting various things done. I’ll also be giving a talk at Appsterdam, though I’m still not sure of the timing.

Anyway, as I said, don’t hesitate to at least drop me a line. I’m looking forward to a week of making connections and meeting people I might never have seen in person before. Ping me on Twitter or drop me a line via the contact form!

Brett Terpstra

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