A Jekyll Flickr Gallery plugin test

I just had to test this. It’s a Jekyll plugin that takes the ID of a Flickr photo set and turns it into a gallery, keeping all photos hosted on Flickr. Not that I make a lot of galleries on my blog, just one of those “I think I can do that” things.

Photos from Chicago

I know the image galleries will probably break someday when Flickr sunsets. With Yahoo’s renewed interest, though, I think that day will probably come after I’ve stopped caring. For now, the ease of building a gallery with Flickr’s mobile uploads and the new iPhone app, and then putting flickr_photoset 72157632099537646 into a tag to get the above is pretty perfect.

Update: I added markup to allow for a link to the Flickr page for the photo in the lower right corner of the thumbnail on hover (always there on touch devices). I will share this plugin eventually, but I have to warn you that it has some dependencies that require a bit of work to get running…

Brett Terpstra

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