ThinkUp Dock Icon for FluidI love ThinkUp for managing what there is of my social presence, as well as for archiving my Twitter and Facebook posts. So much so that it gets its own Fluid1 app. The favicon for the web app (which Fluid uses as the app icon by default) is really sad-looking in the Dock, though, so I whipped up an icon and thought I’d share it. Nothing special, just a little more pleasing to me than the blurry mess the favicon creates.

Running a local copy of ThinkUp isn’t terribly difficult, but I won’t go into a full list of instructions here. There are great instructions on the ThinkUp site for both local installations and running it in the cloud. If you have web sharing turned on, though, and you put it in your Sites folder, you’re most of the way there. I point a virtual host2 named “think” to it, and make that the home URL for my Fluid browser.

Click the icon image above to get the full version (or right click and save the linked file). In the general preferences for a Fluid ThinkUp SSB, just use the “Change” button under “Application Icon” and select the ‘png’ file you downloaded.

  1. You’ve heard of Fluid, right? If you regularly use web apps such as Facebook, GMail, Google Reader or any web-based site, you need this. The best part of the registered version is separate cookies, which is extremely useful if you have, say, multiple Google accounts. Just get it! 

  2. By the way, managing virtual hosts is way more fun with VirtualHostX. If you do local development or run local websites, I highly recommend it.