Eternal Storms has provided five Yoink App Store promo codes for me to give to readers. I’m happy to be able to share; Yoink is one of those unobtrusive utilities that provides important functionality in an elegant way.

Initially I was in love with Yoink because it made it easy to get files between full-screen apps. I have since gotten better (after being chided on TUAW) at picking files up with my thumb on my Magic Trackpad and using four fingers to swipe between screens. It’s not my favorite gesture, but it works. Yoink quickly took on more tasks, though, and has proven itself very useful in other areas as well.

If you’ve ever used Path Finder, Yoink is basically the Drop Stack without all of the feature bloat. Since TotalFinder became stable, the Drop Stack was really the only thing I was longing for. Yoink covers the bases nicely. If you’d like a promo code, just leave a comment on this post. On Tuesday, September 6th I’ll pick five winners–100% randomly–and email promo codes to the winners. You can comment as many times as you like, but you’ll only be entered once!