That's funny. If you can't see this picture, you're missing out.I was playing with the new TextMate Markdown bundle for MultiMarkdown 3 when I remembered an old nit I had with the list commands: no single-keystroke way to move list items up and down. Unless I’m completely forgetting about a shortcut, moving list items around involves selecting the entire line and using Control-Command-Up/Down to move it. Obviously, not a big deal, but 5 minutes with the Macro recorder in TextMate saves the time.

Control-Right and Control-Left are already set up in the Markdown bundle to indent and outdent lines within lists. These two macros just add Control-Up and Control-Down for quickly shifting the order of a list. They only work with single lines; if you want to move a chunk of lines, you’ll want to use the old select and hit Control-Command-Up/Down method.

You can download the TextMate List Macros from here, but for more details, check out the video I added to the Blogsmith Bundle Video Site.

Here’s a quick, semi-related tip: TextMate’s Web Preview running through MultiMarkdown 3 is wicked fast. There’s no visible latency. It’s practically an nvALT killer for people who primarily use nvALT for its MultiMarkdown preview. Definitely give it a shot. Fletcher Penney’s video on setup and usage is all you need. Well, that and MultiMarkdown 3. By the way, the next release of nvALT deals much better with custom MultiMarkdown 3 installs. Coming soon.