Markdown QuickTags screenshotMarkdown QuickTags, my WordPress plugin which adds extensive Markdown features to the HTML editor, has been upped to 0.7. The download link has actually been incrementing for the last week, but this is the first real stable release, so I’ve held off on writing this up until today.

The latest version has too many new features to list, but you can get an overview on the plugin page. One of the coolest new features is reference link auto-completion. If you surround some text in square brackets (which you can do just by highlighting the text and hitting the left square bracket key), and then follow it immediately with another pair of square brackets, typing the first letter or two of a reference that already exists in your document will autocomplete the title for you. Square brackets, of course, are auto-paired, so when you type the left bracket, the right one is automatically added and your cursor is placed between them. It’s fast.

There are improvements to the undo stack, which now records 100 screen states and lets you step forward and back through them using [Shift]-Command/Control-Z. There have been lots of text-editing improvements, and new dialog boxes for pasting bunches of links as references. Note that it will parse links out of any text format, so any list of links–even with other text in the paste–will turn into a nicely formatted list with automatic titles based on the domain.

The plugin has been submitted for approval in the official WordPress Plugin Repository, so hopefully you’ll be able to grab it there and get automatic updates shortly. For now, grab it on the plugin’s project page.