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Mac ‘Pick a Bundle’ 2016

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The Mac ‘Pick a Bundle’ 2016 from Creatable has some real gems this year. Choose any 10 of the options to build your own bundle for $39. With options like Vox + Loop, Yummy FTP Pro, BlueSense, AppDelete, WaterMarker 2, TaskPaper, MailButler, Mind Vector, and many more, you can grab the software you don’t already have at a great price.

Check it out and build a useful bundle!

Back from Macstock

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David Chartier, Me, and Mike Rose at Macstock 2016

I’m headed home from Macstock 2016 on an Amtrak train as I write this. It’s been a great weekend. I got ill on the way to Chicago, and remained under the weather for the duration of the conference, but hey, I feel good on the train ride home, which makes sense based on how little I enjoy traveling.

Macstock was an opportunity to meet up with many of the people and personalities I always enjoyed going to Macworld for. It’s not huge (yet), but it’s big enough to be a lot of fun, the speakers were great and the attendees were wonderful. I plan to go back next year (might even pitch a talk of my own), and hope to see it grow rapidly. Thanks to Mike, Barry, all the speakers, and all the people who headed out to support making a new big meetup for the Mac community.

By the time I post this, I’ll probably be 38. I only know this because my Mac popped up a notification from Facebook’s Birthday calendar this morning. It’s been a whirlwind few days. Systematic is on a brief hiatus as I’m traveling a lot more over the next few weeks, but Christina and I are trying to keep Overtired regular!

Web Excursions for July 13, 2016

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This week’s web excursions brought to you in partnership with Udemy. Start learning on Udemy today!

A Quick Swift Script Yak Shave
A Swift script/OS X Service by Christopher Brandow for quickly creating MultiMarkdown tables with CSV-like shorthand, avoiding all the pipes, colons, and dashes that are painful to type.
How well do you know CSS display?
A complete overview of the display property in CSS. Worthwhile reading even if you’ve been designing web pages for years.
engageinteractive/front-end-baseplate - _mixins.scss
The mixins from Engage Interactive’s front-end baseplate are huge timesavers. For some highlights, see 10 Sass (SCSS) mixins you should be using in your projects.
iOS Stash
A Visual directory of iOS app development tools.
A simple Swift-based CLI for interacting with OS X reminders. Available from Homebrew or build it yourself.

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Web Excursions for July 05, 2016

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This week’s web excursions brought to you in partnership with Udemy. Learn Anything.

A new web browser project focusing on privacy and safety. It’s open source on GitHub as well, with versions for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and more.
Launch Center Pro
I’ve used Launch Center Pro on and off, but the addition of shortcuts you can add to a force touch from the homescreen and a customizable Today Widget pallete make it extremely handy.
A flexible, lightweight JavaScript animation library using CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects.
Type Anything
A free typography tool for creating and trying out font combinations for web projects. I’m a sucker for anything that makes typography easier…
Free Landing UI Kit
A free UI kit for creating landing pages in Sketch or Photoshop.

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Web Excursions for June 24, 2016

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This week’s web excursions brought to you in partnership with Udemy. Learn Anything.

BusyCal 3
BusyMac has released BusyCal 3 for Mac and iOS. It’s a calendar app with an excellent month view with integrated info panel, integrated weather info and travel time estimates, a menu bar mini-calendar, calendar sets you can switch between, and much more.
Bear - Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac
I’m a little jealous that Bear from Shiny Frog is ahead of BitWriter on its beta release, but I’ve been testing it for a while and it’s a gorgeous note-taking app with sync across macOS and iOS. Elegant editing with a Markdown-esque syntax, and solid export options.
Marvel - Design Apps On Your Phone on the App Store
An intetesting app for mocking up iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps starting with pen and paper and working up to clickable prototypes you can share.
Apple doesn’t understand photography
All true.
A tiny Bootstrap alternative for web designers who just want grid and typography features. Pure CSS (with Sass), including tools for easily creating and adjusting vertical rhythm, consistent form fields and grid layouts.
A CLI-based window and pane manager for iTerm 2 and 3.
I’ve been having fun with Pablo from Buffer. This new web app is about the same thing (making quick social media images with text), but offers a little more flexibility in design. Great for making demotivational posters as a rebellion against trite quotes on zen backgrounds.

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Quickie bookmarklet for Product Hunt

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This is a very quick post of a bookmarklet I whipped up and have found handy on a daily basis.

I love Product Hunt, and find new things there daily. I just get annoyed that when I open a bunch of products in tabs, each tab then creates a new tab when you try to go to the product’s homepage.

This bookmarklet just finds the “Get it” button on a product page and opens the target url in the same tab. Simple, effective. (Only tested in Chrome, but should work anywhere.)

Just drag the button below to your bookmarks bar and click it when you’re on a Product Hunt product page.

A new email trick with SaneBox, Spark, and OmniFocus

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I’ve used SaneBox happily for a couple of years now. It’s a tool that automatically sorts your inbox, filtering out things you can read later, newsletters, bulk emails, and more, leaving your inbox with only the emails that actually matter. You can train it by moving emails from your inbox to special folders, and after a couple of weeks it will have your inbox neat and tidy.

I’ve also been using Spark on iOS as my email client. I love its configurability, and it works perfectly with my existing system, providing parity with my email habits on my Mac.

A new feature that SaneBox added recently, SaneFwd, lets you set up custom folders that automatically forward emails to one or more addresses. I was excited because now I could use a “move to folder” shortcut to send emails to my OmniFocus mail drop. When the SaneFwd feature first launched it lacked the OmniFocus domain, so I requested it and was just informed that it’s been added.

This makes it easy for me to add OmniFocus capabilities to Spark, which it’s currently lacking. I created a folder called @OmniFocus that forwards to my sync.omnifocus.com address. By customizing a swipe gesture in Spark settings, I can now do a long swipe to the left to move an email to my custom SaneFwd folder, automatically creating a task for it in OmniFocus.

I highly recommend SaneBox, so here’s my affiliate link if you want to check it out. I also think Spark is the best iOS email client, having tried them all (I think). Here’s Macworld’s review, and you can get Spark on the App Store.